Friday, 4 October 2013

Same-Sex Female Relationships in Prison

This October, The Differential Association will be discussing two articles which deal with the issue of the same-sex female relationships in prison.

The first article, by Pardue, Arrigo and Murphy, Sex and Sexuality in Women's Prisons, attempts to provide a typology of the range of sexual relationships found in women's prisons. The other article by Einat and Chen, What's Love Got to do With It, explores inmates' attitudes to same-sex relationships in an Israeli prison. Taking these together, we can compare the suggested typology of Pardue et al, and assess whether we think this conforms to the empirical evidence presented. The issues of victimisation, and exploitation are highlighted in both papers, and it'll give us an interesting chance to discuss one aspect of a topic which is rarely discussed in relation to prison and criminology - sex!

Wednesday October 23rd
Mulligans Back Room, Poolbeg Street

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