Monday, 27 January 2014

Valentine's DA

The Differential Association kicks off its 2014 ponderings on Friday 14th February, Valentine's Day. In lieu of finding an article which accurately matches the intent of the day (romantic graffiti carved on trees?), we're reading Eamonn Carrabine's article 'Just Images' which was awarded the Radzinowicz Prize in 2012.

Carrabine writes on the power of the image, and whether the use of photography to depict images of harm is appropriate. He delves into the ethical considerations around the representation of violent images, something criminology is now considering as it laps up the cultural criminological goodness. It should provide for a fascinating discussion, presenting as it does an issue with no seeming right or wrong and endless possibilities for nuance.

When: Friday 14th February at 5pm (earlier than usual!)
Where: Mulligan's Back Room, Poolbeg Street, Dublin 2

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