Monday, 13 October 2014

Policing 'Sexting'

The issue of 'sexting', or the sending of explicit images via smartphone, has received a considerable volume of publicity in 2014. The very real concerns this matter poses for the criminal justice system, and for civic organisations such as schools and colleges, has therefore been subject to considerable debate.

In an article written for Theoretical Criminology, Lara Karaian has explored the issue of policing 'sexting', from a critical perspective which incorporates elements of race, gender, feminist and queer theory. The article addresses the questions of blame which can attach to young persons, especially girls, who engage in 'sexting', and asks the question whether teenage girls are being 'responsibilised' for preventing the harms which can flow from 'sexting'.

Where: Mulligan's Pub on Poolbeg Street, Dublin 2 - back room
When: Wednesday 29 October at 6pm

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