Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Carceral Geography by Dominique Moran

This March the DA will be reading 'Carceral geography and the spatialities of prison visiting: visitation, recidivism, and hyperincarceration', by Dominique Moran (2013), from Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Vol.31, 174-190.

Geography, as a disciplinary lens, brings a valuable perspective to the study of the carceral, and carceral geography’s concern for the spatial could provide a new explanatory perspective to the consideration of some accepted tenets within criminology, whilst at the same time offering a productive and useful ‘grounding’ of contemporary geographies of emotion and affect. In the context of hyperincarceration and the carceral continuum of recidivism and repeated reimprisonment, this paper considers the long-observed relationship between prison visitation and reduced recidivism, posits prison visiting rooms as underresearched carceral spaces, and develops theoretical and methodological innovations which nuance the understanding of prison visiting.

When: Wednesday 29th March at 6pm
Where: Back room of Mulligan's Pub on Poolbeg Street, Dublin 2

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